Brother Gomalka "Carl" Bearkiller

The founder and head of The Family, He is perhaps the greatest warrior of the present era.


Gomalka is a strong Goliath Fighter, standing tall at 8’3" and weighing about 400 pounds. He is a huge, muscular guy, bigger and more intimidating than anyone else you’ve ever seen. He just so happens to also be perhaps the nicest person you’ve ever met.

In fact, Gomalka is widely known for his contradictions. Underneath the training grounds for the most widely respected mercenary groups in the world, Carl built one of the most respected orphanages in the world. People often find it difficult to reconcile the extremes of Gomalka Bearkiller, with that of Carl, a man who can often be found cradling infants.

There was only one incident where the safety of the children in the orphanage was threatened. Apparently, a Trainee was upset after his character review deemed him unfit to become an Initiate. For some reason, he thought holding a child hostage would help him. Unfortunately for him, he somehow did not notice the large hulking mass of Gomalka on the other side of the room. The Trainee grabbed a toddler and didn’t even have time to pull his sword from its scabbard before Gomalka grabbed his head with a single hand and crushed his skull.

Not much is known about Gomalka’s past, but one point is universally agreed on. Whatever happened to him left him with no patience for those who threaten his family.

Brother Gomalka "Carl" Bearkiller

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