Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Adventures in Kator!

Day 4: After sending the goblin on his way back towards the town of Castina, the gang set off towards the mountain village of Kator. On their way, they ran into a flying carpet wielding man named Jeffery. After some humorous jokes ensued, it turned out that Jeffery was in fact another member of the family.

Jeffery flew the gang into Kator to help them with their adventure. Once in town, the gang hid within a nearby bakery. Inside, they ran into a woman who worked for the Eyes of Madness. She informed them that they town was surrounded by a force-field that no living creature could exit through, and the only way out was to obtain keys from winning in the arena.

So, armed with this knowledge the gang signed up to partake in the arena and slept, while Glemlin and Justice set out into town to gather knowledge of the eyes. They entered a nearby tavern, and chatted with the bartender there. He informed them that the eyes kept to the high district of town, and that mostly everybody is trying out the arena to escape town. The two gathered some mead and wandered back to the bakery.

The next day, the gang fought within the arena. They fought a mighty hydra, which Justice strangled miraculously with his grappling hook. After this, they fought a Harpy, then followed by 4 weak peasants. Rayne slaughtered most of them, afterwards the Eyes congratulated him and asked the gang to join the eyes. Unaccepting of their offer, the gang was put to sleep with a magic laser. Glemlin and Justice almost fought back the sleep, but eventually fell victim too.

During their sleep, the gang witnessed a horrible vision of a boy being torn from his mother’s stomach. This boy appeared to be David from their previous encounter. Ironically, the gang woke up in a tunnel with David, who claimed to have saved them from their dream torturing. He led them to the end of the tunnel, and their escape. Glemlin whistled Brother Carl to their location, and informed him of their adventures. Carl then magically transported them back to Castina, where they trained to level 4 and gained their new initiate bard.



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