The Family

There are several ranks in the Family’s hierarchy.

Pledge: This is the most basic position, and so it includes many, many people. A Pledge is simply someone who wants to be considered for training. The orphans being raised also count as Pledges, because they are part of the Family structure who possess no combat ability. Pledges must swear to uphold the code of the Family and must then undergo basic combat testing.

Trainee: Trainees have been accepted into the bottom level of Family training, and are undergoing physical and mental tests to evaluate their reliability and worth as potential Family members. Trainees sleep at Burdenhall, the training center, and are typically split into squads of 8, to see how they will function with teammates.

Initiate: To become an Initiate requires dedication, combat prowess, and the ability to work with a team. Initiates are junior members of the Family, and they gain additional privileges accordingly. Initiates will be eligible for missions, and they will begin training with Members to advance along different, more complex paths in their combat training. At this point, the character has their first performance review with Gomalka. It may or may not be the first meeting, but this meeting leaves a definite impression. Gomalka begins monitoring characters once they reach the position of Initiate, calling them in at random times to interview them about their progress. In addition to combat training, the Family starts to test the character’s mental strength and attributes. Trainees become responsible for the organization and testing of Pledges. Usually there will be a Member watching over the testing conducted by Initiates, but for the most part Initiates are left to to their own devices when testing and caring for Pledges. Initiates also take on the responsibility of caring for orphans, a responsibility that Gomalka watches over very closely.

Gomalka alone decides who graduates from the Initiate position. More than anything, he looks for honesty and the willingness to put others before yourself. Gomalka would give his life for the Brothers and Sisters, and they would do the same for him. And if he suspects that anyone would betray the Family, he would kill them without hesitation.


The Family

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