The booming city of Halbrook resides between Alaeron and the mountain village of Kator.
It’s residents are a mix of all race, a melting pot of citizens. They seek life in the city in hopes of making it rich.
-However, most fail at their goal, and turn to a life of crime.

It’s largest economic export is lumber, making up 75% of it’s exports entirely. Specifically from the Halahan Lumber Company©, however this company has been sold off to a much larger organization.

The weather in Halbrook is almost always rainy. Being directly North of the Alaspar Mountains, the ocean air descends directly atop the city.


Soon after the fall of the Zanzarian Empire, cities began popping up around the continent. An old dwarven warrior who fought against the empire, Halbrook Brightbeard, decided to join in and set up the city as a meeting place between Kator and Alaeron. During his reign as leader, Halbrook resided within Halbrook Castle, the centerpiece of the city. It’s upper balcony has a 360 degree view of the city, said to be used for constant watch.
However with a city comes crime. Being fed up with the abundance of it, Halbrook created his own personal guard, the Yellow Guardians. These keepers of peace were quite literal in their defending, and were even known to kill for petty theft.

200 years later, the city soon grew tired of innocent hungry civilians being murdered for their crimes, and a rebellion quickly spread. The leader of the rebellion was named Francis Halahan, of the Halahan family. After one his sons was murdered for witnessing the Yellow Guardians beat an old woman, Francis led the march on Halbrook’s castle.
Being no match against the hundreds of angry citizens, the city was reclaimed by the people. Halbrook’s remains were placed in the city’s catacombs, as well as the yellow guardians. Halbrook Castle was turned into a temple, for all to worship whomever gods they wished.

The city of Halbrook became a purely economically ran settlement, with Francis taking the reigns in it’s ownership. He created the Halahan Lumber Company©, and kept the city at peace for years. His remaining son Charles took over the company after Francis’ heart failure. A few years later however, Charles’ only son was kidnapped. Forced to pay the ransom, the business was sold off and the Halahan family was lost in history.

Once a safe-haven for any newcomer, Halbrook is now a dangerous place. With corrupt city officials and guards, large amounts of crime and drugs, this is no vacation spot. The city has been overrun by men who call themselves The Justice Keepers, led by the infamous Regdar. Brothels have been set up around town, and no woman is allowed to hold a place in the workforce, except for prostitution.

Halbrook was once home to the notorious vigilante Justice. His reign lowered crime to an all-time low. After his departure however, the city once again was plagued with crime.

There is an abandoned mansion outside of town, Halahan Manor, once owned by the Halahan family.


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