Ruled by a boy king, Erik Lionheart. He took the throne at the tender age of 10 two years ago when his mother died of a strange, incurable sickness. He is always suspicious that someone is trying to manipulate him because of his age.

For several years, there has been conflict between Castina and Alaeron. This conflict began about a decade ago, when King William the Fifth and his oldest sons rode to the aid of King Cormac and were never seen again.

The population density of Castina, due to factors such as climate, geography, and political environment, is 30 persons per km2 .
Castina occupies 17624 km2 . Roughly 43% of this is arable land, or 7607 km2. The remaining 10017 km2 is divided among wilderness, rivers, lakes, and the like.

Castina’s population is approximately 528720 persons.
10576 residents are isolated or itinerant.
470560 residents live in 1046 villages.
31723 residents live in 7 towns.
15861 residents live in 2 cities.
0 residents live in big cities.
The average distance between villages is 4 km.
The average distance between towns is 50 km.
The average distance between cities (including big cities) is 94 km.
supports 0 Universities.
supports 1163184 head of livestock:
790965 fowl (e.g. chickens, geese, ducks).
372219 dairy and meat animals (e.g. cows, goats, pigs, sheep).

Castles and Fortifications
The inhabitants of have been building castles for the last 300 years.
There are approximately 13 standing fortifications in Castina.
11 castles are in active use.
2 castles are ruined or abandoned.
10 castles are located in settled areas.
3 castles are located in remote areas, unsettled areas, or wilderness.
(All numbers are approximate, particularly where ruins and wilderness are concerned.)


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