A prominent member of the Eyes of Madness.


“Smithy”(named mockingly by Marco) was a prominent member of the Eyes of Madness who confronts the group in an underground laboratory outside of the Guiltless City.

He was the strongest opponent the group has faced thus far evidenced by the fact that he effortlessly defeated them all with two spells and had apprehended the legendary warrior Donovan Lionheart. He was also extraordinarily ugly, looking somewhat like a dog.

Smithy was defeated through the combined effort of the group and the Sacred Flame. He was seemingly vaporized as Jorgen, Glemlin and Leowyn gave their life force to empower the flame.

Smithy was the first “Eye” the group has encountered, as well as the first of the Mongrelfolk race to have been encountered.

For some time, Smithy had been killing adventurers and stockpiling their gold and items in a massive extra-dimensional vault.


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