Cork Blackstrider

A Satyr of indeterminate origin, known for his endless vigour and inability to shut up.


Cork lived roughly 100 years before the adventures of The Initiates, and was a fairly well known rogue.

He lived a life of solitude in a forest sacred to the Fey until he encountered a Dwarf named Uridin Torbek who was attempting to chop down some trees to make a boat. The two had a brief battle ending in a standoff. They then agreed to chop down some trees from a nearby Elven grove and build a boat out of that.

Afterwards, they sailed down the Blue River and came to a floating casino. Cork attempted to cheat at games and made an enemy of the mobster Curly One-Eye. With that, the duo escaped from the boat and made their way to the town of Little Port. He and Uridin learned of a tradition among the people to send their children to a camp where they are trained by “The Wizard.” Cork and Uridin agreed to go see if the children were okay and made their way to the camp the next day.

They encountered some strange mutated squirrels along the way, but made their way to the camp and spoke to the Wizard. Cork found him rather suspicious and after speaking to a child named Tommy decided that they should scout the area further.

After the Wizard left his tent, Cork snuck in, and after dealing with a molesting homunculus, found some interesting papers in a chest, one of which had a symbol with an eye inside a triangle.

Soon after, Uridin arrived, a horde of Demon Squirrels following him. After a desperate struggle, and avoidance of another creature, they made their way back to Little Port. They consulted the tavern keeper and decided it would be best to summon the Goldfeather Alliance to assist in the rescue of the kids.

The next morning, alongside two new adventurers, Cork and Uridin set out with five giant eagles of the Goldfeather Alliance to free the children. Upon arriving, the camp was very quiet. Cork snuck into a tent and killed a spider-like creature which was hypnotizing some children and then motioned for the other adventurers to come to his aid. While approaching, an Umber Hulk was alerted to their presence and tunneled underground.

Cork took refuge inside the tent, hoping for it to show itself, allowing him a sneak attack. But the beast was more intelligent than it seemed and grabbed Cork and pulled him underground, wrenching his enchanted rapier from his grasp and slashing Cork’s throat.

After an arduous struggle, Cork was able to free himself in time for his new allies to patch his wound and save his life. The Umber Hulk, badly wounded from an attack by Uridin and the five eagles, attempted to attack Uridin. Luckily, he was able to hold the beast. Using a diamond dagger, acquired from the Wizard’s belongings, Cork stabbed the beast in the claw, seemingly killing it with the mysterious dagger.

Cork Blackstrider

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