Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

The Journey to Kator

Day 3: Finally new initiates of The Family, Auhgra , Glemlin , Jørgen Valdenstrom , Justice , Leowyn , Mark D. Dungeons , and Vaelin Marthson “Raine” set out on their first assignment. Brother Carl, father of The Family, informed them that nobodies heard anything from Kator in over a month. So, the gang gathered their equipment set off to Kator for answers.
With their first day of travel done they set up camp and took watch. On Mark’s watch, a squad of 14 goblins attacked them. Though some adventure got wounded they defeated all of them but one. As they tried to interrogate him, he bit off his own tongue rather then spill the beans. As the were about to kill him, Jørgen (being a Paladin) took the goblin away from the group, and saved the goblin once again. As they stood and argued about what to do, the Goblin walked over to a patch of sand and drew The Eyes Of Madness Symbol, leaving the gang scared and the day at an end.



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