Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 9: Into the Mind of Madness!!

Day 9: Our adventure picked up where the last ended, as Justice and Jorgen led the lead Justice Keeper to Halbrook Castle to see the body of Regdar. On the way, they discovered that his name was Charles, and that he had been living in Halbrook for 5 years now. After reaching the castle, they discovered the head of Regdar laying next to a tree. Charles told Justice that he should kill them, but by some luck of the roll, he was convinced that he should instead NOT do that. He was told to tell the guards to help the civilians rebuild the city, while Jorgen and Justice left to find a new leader for them. Raine and Leowyn eventually ran into them during this conversation, and went towards the North-East to find Justice’s father.

During all of this, Maelin was sprinkled by a purple raindrop, as the sorcerer had transformed himself into a giant blue raincloud. As this purple drop hit her, she heard the sorcerer saying thank you, and music began to play in her head. The music drew her towards the North-East as well, and Marco followed her. The two eventually came to a hole in the ground, leading to a dungeon underneath. At the end of the dungeon was a room with two statues, one of art, and the other of a man holding an eye. In between the two was large writing carved on the wall, claiming that a group of 8 would unmake the unmaking.

Justice, Jorgen, Leowyn, and Raine somehow were led to the exact same hole, meeting the other two. Together, they went into one of the side rooms. After a long time following a labyrinth, they realized this was a huge mind-fuck. Justice became lost from the group, however scored a free 100’ of rope. The rest of the gang messed around with their eyes closed for a while, eventually reaching a large black hole in the wall. They all jumped through, ending up in a wine-cellar underneath the castle courtyard. As they came out, they were greeted by Charles, asking what the hell was going on. They attempted to explain.

Meanwhile, Glemlin and Augra had finally found there way to the cave where the others were just imprisoned. After some searching, Glemlin walked his way into the maze of madness, trying to find them. Realizing it was a lost cause, his only hope of escape was to hit the medallion that would teleport him to Lyndmore. He did so, eventually ending up in a clearing next to where Lyndmore used to be.. however it was no longer there.

Will Justice ever escape the mind-fucking labyrinth?? Is Lyndmore no more?! Will the gang EVER find Jefferey’s ring and their stuff?!?! Find out next Sunday, same shark time, same shark place!


it said “the chosen 8 will make the unmaking”

Day 9: Into the Mind of Madness!!

My fucking name is Maela! It says right over there >>>>

Day 9: Into the Mind of Madness!!

More like ^^^>>> but whatevz

Day 9: Into the Mind of Madness!!

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