Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 8: Regdar's Defeat!

Day 8: Our fine heroes were last seen starting a fight with the villain known as Regdar! After giving a massive speech, Justice and the gang slaughtered Regdar, removing his head. After the fight, a strange man (presumably a member of the eyes) was discovered hiding on the ceiling of the room. He told them that they did good using civilian lives as a distraction. When pressed for his name, he said nothing and vanished. The gang thought they did good, and all high fived and celebrated, heading to the roof to valiantly show Regdar’s head to the city. However, this joy was short-lived, as they saw on the roof that the town was quickly being engulfed by flames. Realizing this was probably their fault, a few members of the gang went into town to help stop the fire from spreading. Once there, Justice and Jorgen ran into a Justice Keeper not wearing his mask. They ended up helping, by rescuing a little girl from a burning building.

Meanwhile, Maela ran into a purple sorcerer guy again. He told her that if she wanted to help, she needed to get him a sapphire. Knowing Rayne had one from the dwarven city, she telepathically told him to get his ass over there. Rayne did so, and handed the sapphire to the sorcerer. He smashed it on his forehead, and turned into a gigantic amorphous blue blob, covering the fires with his body.

Justice and Jorgen chatted with the “main” Justice Keeper in the area, telling him that Regdar was dead by their hands. The man insisted that they show him, and if he wasn’t dead that they will be.


it said the chosen 8 will make the unmaking

Day 8: Regdar's Defeat!

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