Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 7: Halbrook Hijinks!

Day 7: The gang continued downward through the dwarven city, passing many graves of dwarven warriors. After splitting up, Justice thought it would be a good idea to swing at a golden doorway, ending up breaking his other arm. They also found a torn note near one of the graves.
Meanwhile, the rest of the gang ended up running into a large moving pool of blood, in which a large sum of fingers grew out of and wrote on the wall, telling them in the end that they were “too late”.

They continued onward, finally finding a room with a map of Castina. Imprinted within the map were small orbs of many colors, the one in the hole for Kator being removed, and the one for Halbrook in half. Taking this as a sign of danger in Halbrook, the gang quickly rushed to the city to discover what may be wrong.

After arriving at the city, Justice was charged after by a crazy man. He was quickly tackled, and the gang spread out to search for clues. Half of the gang went to a local pub, discovering a large group of men wearing exact duplicates of Justice’s outfit. It turns out that a man named Regdar used Justice’s fame to grow his own infamy, and created his own army known as The Justice Keepers. Glemlin and Marco did what they usually do, and started a massive fight with the men, slaughtering them all.
Meanwhile, Justice, Jorgen, and Augra set out to find his father, eventually leading to his secret cave. Once there, they found a potion to heal Justice’s broken limbs, and gathered what supplies they could. They then ventured out to destroy the man who has conquered the city.

After some hijinks involving a woman being raped, the gang formulated a plan to sneak into the castle and defeat the man, ending in a standoff with the man having two arrows stuck in his chest.


“After some hijinks involving a woman being raped”, This kills me.

Day 7: Halbrook Hijinks!

dude, you’re spelling my name wrong

Day 7: Halbrook Hijinks!

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