Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 5: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

The day began with the gang receiving 2 hours of free time before they head off on a whirlwind adventure to Kator to fight back the Eyes! Within these two hours, the gang did all kinds of crazy shenanigans, such as get drunk at the dock tavern, play musical instruments for money, and even rob an old man and crush his fat dug.
After all the adventures were over, the gang met back with Brother Karl and began their quest through Kator to save any living beings.

Once the gang arrived, they realized the place was completely empty. Knowing that the eyes kept mostly to the upper high districts (thanks to Glemlin and Justice in a previous stealth mission), the gang checked out there.

They entered a temple with a giant Beholder statue attached to the front, and entered. Inside, Glemlin and his ‘father’ traversed a series of tunnels to discover some crazy hidden messages. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang fought beholder laser beams through a passageway. After Matt… ehem sorry, Maylin snuck past the lasers, we discovered a giant pit of bodies, presumably the townsfolk of Kator. Brother Carl destroyed the laser statues for us all, and we left the palace with a sickening feeling in our guts. We also discovered under a bed what appeared to be the diamond dagger that the eyes used to cut out David.

Inside the caverns, Glemlin and company discovered a few notes left behind by an unknown individual, telling us that we need to head to a dwarven city.

And this is where the gang left off, ready for their next adventure towards the dwarven city!



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