Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 11: Glemlin and the Purple Pinnacles!

After arriving at was once the city of Lyndmore, our heroes looked towards the sky to see a giant beaming tower in the distance. Feeling as if somebody there may have an idea where it went, they headed that way to ask. Glemlin however knew of a local thieves den nearby where he wanted to trade (and steal) some goods, so he took off alone that way.

The gang arrived at the tower, only to hear a large amount of banging and fighting from within a giant hole in the wall. After peering inside, they saw Derek fighting a bunch of his fellow Purple Pinnacle wizards! Thanks to the music book that Maela found earlier, she blasted the entire tower off with a mighty boom. The gang searched the rubble for Derek, to no avail. So instead they did what they usually do, and looted the deceased.

Meanwhile, Glemlin had entered the thieves den and caused quite a bit of chaos thanks to his new mask he obtained. He also met a fellow gnome, a child named Tootles! Pretending to be Maela, Glemlin pretended to be interested in joining the “Sex Mines” in order to steal a shirt. This ended badly, with him and Tootles being chased from the city by some red guards.

Glemlin ran his way towards the group, with the red guards still in hot pursuit. Justice threw all of his throwing stars to the ground, getting them off the trail. They made their way towards what they believed to be the city of the dead, knowing The Family had gone there to fight The Eyes of Madness. After a long trek across some planes, fighting possessed land-squirrels and a mighty river crocodile, the gang and Tootles finally came to a city known as The City with No Guilt.



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