Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 10: Enter the RAGE!

After losing his mind within Regdar’s magical Labyrinth, Justice succumb to his primal instincts and took to a barbarian rage! Unbeknownst to him, entering a rage caused the magical properties of the maze to lose its form, and the true exit to the maze was revealed. However, Justice followed a path of blood instead, leading him to a room full of Regdar’s prisoners. One such fellow was in fact Justice’s father, who had a large black formation in his stomach. Soon after, he lost his rage and was stuck in the dungeon with them as well.

The rest of the gang traveled to the hospital, seeking help from a magic man to dissolve the labyrinth and free Justice. Just as they arrived, their good friend Derek the purple wizard appeared and told them he’d help. He used his magic to free Justice and the other prisoners, taking them to the hospital. The chief of the hospital told them that Justice’s father had his sanity stolen by dark magics, and only great magic could repair him. They did so, and Justice sent his father off to become the new leader of Halbrook to protect the new-found peace.

Derek took off, as he was in big trouble for aiding our heroes and had to have a stern talking to from his peers. The gang traveled to the belly of Castle Halbrook, following a bright light. They arrived at a large flame in the center of a room, which they entered. After doing so, they seemed to receive some sort of magical essence within them (except for Glemlin, who refused the flame). With their new powers, Glemlin informed them of the missing city! So, they took off together in the amulet to where it once laid, only to see for themselves that it was in fact nowhere in sight.



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