Adventures in the Kingdom of Castina

Day 11: Glemlin and the Purple Pinnacles!

After arriving at was once the city of Lyndmore, our heroes looked towards the sky to see a giant beaming tower in the distance. Feeling as if somebody there may have an idea where it went, they headed that way to ask. Glemlin however knew of a local thieves den nearby where he wanted to trade (and steal) some goods, so he took off alone that way.

The gang arrived at the tower, only to hear a large amount of banging and fighting from within a giant hole in the wall. After peering inside, they saw Derek fighting a bunch of his fellow Purple Pinnacle wizards! Thanks to the music book that Maela found earlier, she blasted the entire tower off with a mighty boom. The gang searched the rubble for Derek, to no avail. So instead they did what they usually do, and looted the deceased.

Meanwhile, Glemlin had entered the thieves den and caused quite a bit of chaos thanks to his new mask he obtained. He also met a fellow gnome, a child named Tootles! Pretending to be Maela, Glemlin pretended to be interested in joining the “Sex Mines” in order to steal a shirt. This ended badly, with him and Tootles being chased from the city by some red guards.

Glemlin ran his way towards the group, with the red guards still in hot pursuit. Justice threw all of his throwing stars to the ground, getting them off the trail. They made their way towards what they believed to be the city of the dead, knowing The Family had gone there to fight The Eyes of Madness. After a long trek across some planes, fighting possessed land-squirrels and a mighty river crocodile, the gang and Tootles finally came to a city known as The City with No Guilt.

Day 10: Enter the RAGE!

After losing his mind within Regdar’s magical Labyrinth, Justice succumb to his primal instincts and took to a barbarian rage! Unbeknownst to him, entering a rage caused the magical properties of the maze to lose its form, and the true exit to the maze was revealed. However, Justice followed a path of blood instead, leading him to a room full of Regdar’s prisoners. One such fellow was in fact Justice’s father, who had a large black formation in his stomach. Soon after, he lost his rage and was stuck in the dungeon with them as well.

The rest of the gang traveled to the hospital, seeking help from a magic man to dissolve the labyrinth and free Justice. Just as they arrived, their good friend Derek the purple wizard appeared and told them he’d help. He used his magic to free Justice and the other prisoners, taking them to the hospital. The chief of the hospital told them that Justice’s father had his sanity stolen by dark magics, and only great magic could repair him. They did so, and Justice sent his father off to become the new leader of Halbrook to protect the new-found peace.

Derek took off, as he was in big trouble for aiding our heroes and had to have a stern talking to from his peers. The gang traveled to the belly of Castle Halbrook, following a bright light. They arrived at a large flame in the center of a room, which they entered. After doing so, they seemed to receive some sort of magical essence within them (except for Glemlin, who refused the flame). With their new powers, Glemlin informed them of the missing city! So, they took off together in the amulet to where it once laid, only to see for themselves that it was in fact nowhere in sight.

Day 9: Into the Mind of Madness!!

Day 9: Our adventure picked up where the last ended, as Justice and Jorgen led the lead Justice Keeper to Halbrook Castle to see the body of Regdar. On the way, they discovered that his name was Charles, and that he had been living in Halbrook for 5 years now. After reaching the castle, they discovered the head of Regdar laying next to a tree. Charles told Justice that he should kill them, but by some luck of the roll, he was convinced that he should instead NOT do that. He was told to tell the guards to help the civilians rebuild the city, while Jorgen and Justice left to find a new leader for them. Raine and Leowyn eventually ran into them during this conversation, and went towards the North-East to find Justice’s father.

During all of this, Maelin was sprinkled by a purple raindrop, as the sorcerer had transformed himself into a giant blue raincloud. As this purple drop hit her, she heard the sorcerer saying thank you, and music began to play in her head. The music drew her towards the North-East as well, and Marco followed her. The two eventually came to a hole in the ground, leading to a dungeon underneath. At the end of the dungeon was a room with two statues, one of art, and the other of a man holding an eye. In between the two was large writing carved on the wall, claiming that a group of 8 would unmake the unmaking.

Justice, Jorgen, Leowyn, and Raine somehow were led to the exact same hole, meeting the other two. Together, they went into one of the side rooms. After a long time following a labyrinth, they realized this was a huge mind-fuck. Justice became lost from the group, however scored a free 100’ of rope. The rest of the gang messed around with their eyes closed for a while, eventually reaching a large black hole in the wall. They all jumped through, ending up in a wine-cellar underneath the castle courtyard. As they came out, they were greeted by Charles, asking what the hell was going on. They attempted to explain.

Meanwhile, Glemlin and Augra had finally found there way to the cave where the others were just imprisoned. After some searching, Glemlin walked his way into the maze of madness, trying to find them. Realizing it was a lost cause, his only hope of escape was to hit the medallion that would teleport him to Lyndmore. He did so, eventually ending up in a clearing next to where Lyndmore used to be.. however it was no longer there.

Will Justice ever escape the mind-fucking labyrinth?? Is Lyndmore no more?! Will the gang EVER find Jefferey’s ring and their stuff?!?! Find out next Sunday, same shark time, same shark place!

Day 8: Regdar's Defeat!

Day 8: Our fine heroes were last seen starting a fight with the villain known as Regdar! After giving a massive speech, Justice and the gang slaughtered Regdar, removing his head. After the fight, a strange man (presumably a member of the eyes) was discovered hiding on the ceiling of the room. He told them that they did good using civilian lives as a distraction. When pressed for his name, he said nothing and vanished. The gang thought they did good, and all high fived and celebrated, heading to the roof to valiantly show Regdar’s head to the city. However, this joy was short-lived, as they saw on the roof that the town was quickly being engulfed by flames. Realizing this was probably their fault, a few members of the gang went into town to help stop the fire from spreading. Once there, Justice and Jorgen ran into a Justice Keeper not wearing his mask. They ended up helping, by rescuing a little girl from a burning building.

Meanwhile, Maela ran into a purple sorcerer guy again. He told her that if she wanted to help, she needed to get him a sapphire. Knowing Rayne had one from the dwarven city, she telepathically told him to get his ass over there. Rayne did so, and handed the sapphire to the sorcerer. He smashed it on his forehead, and turned into a gigantic amorphous blue blob, covering the fires with his body.

Justice and Jorgen chatted with the “main” Justice Keeper in the area, telling him that Regdar was dead by their hands. The man insisted that they show him, and if he wasn’t dead that they will be.

Day 7: Halbrook Hijinks!

Day 7: The gang continued downward through the dwarven city, passing many graves of dwarven warriors. After splitting up, Justice thought it would be a good idea to swing at a golden doorway, ending up breaking his other arm. They also found a torn note near one of the graves.
Meanwhile, the rest of the gang ended up running into a large moving pool of blood, in which a large sum of fingers grew out of and wrote on the wall, telling them in the end that they were “too late”.

They continued onward, finally finding a room with a map of Castina. Imprinted within the map were small orbs of many colors, the one in the hole for Kator being removed, and the one for Halbrook in half. Taking this as a sign of danger in Halbrook, the gang quickly rushed to the city to discover what may be wrong.

After arriving at the city, Justice was charged after by a crazy man. He was quickly tackled, and the gang spread out to search for clues. Half of the gang went to a local pub, discovering a large group of men wearing exact duplicates of Justice’s outfit. It turns out that a man named Regdar used Justice’s fame to grow his own infamy, and created his own army known as The Justice Keepers. Glemlin and Marco did what they usually do, and started a massive fight with the men, slaughtering them all.
Meanwhile, Justice, Jorgen, and Augra set out to find his father, eventually leading to his secret cave. Once there, they found a potion to heal Justice’s broken limbs, and gathered what supplies they could. They then ventured out to destroy the man who has conquered the city.

After some hijinks involving a woman being raped, the gang formulated a plan to sneak into the castle and defeat the man, ending in a standoff with the man having two arrows stuck in his chest.

Day 6: To Smithcircle and Beyond!

Day 6: The gang continued their epic adventure against the eyes, following the hot trail towards the Dwarven community of Smithcircle. On the way, the gang ended up fighting a dragon, which Justice grappled to the ground. After passing through some traps that were already triggered by goblins, the gang ventured into the cities doorway.

Once inside, they found buckets literally filled to the brim with blood, and some of the gang suited up with fancy Dwarven armor and weapons. After Jorgen opened a special Dwarf-only door, they continued through. Avoiding traps and looting gems, Justice ended up breaking his arm by a simple drawbridge. After a while, they eventually came to a staircase that ventured downwards!

Day 5: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

The day began with the gang receiving 2 hours of free time before they head off on a whirlwind adventure to Kator to fight back the Eyes! Within these two hours, the gang did all kinds of crazy shenanigans, such as get drunk at the dock tavern, play musical instruments for money, and even rob an old man and crush his fat dug.
After all the adventures were over, the gang met back with Brother Karl and began their quest through Kator to save any living beings.

Once the gang arrived, they realized the place was completely empty. Knowing that the eyes kept mostly to the upper high districts (thanks to Glemlin and Justice in a previous stealth mission), the gang checked out there.

They entered a temple with a giant Beholder statue attached to the front, and entered. Inside, Glemlin and his ‘father’ traversed a series of tunnels to discover some crazy hidden messages. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang fought beholder laser beams through a passageway. After Matt… ehem sorry, Maylin snuck past the lasers, we discovered a giant pit of bodies, presumably the townsfolk of Kator. Brother Carl destroyed the laser statues for us all, and we left the palace with a sickening feeling in our guts. We also discovered under a bed what appeared to be the diamond dagger that the eyes used to cut out David.

Inside the caverns, Glemlin and company discovered a few notes left behind by an unknown individual, telling us that we need to head to a dwarven city.

And this is where the gang left off, ready for their next adventure towards the dwarven city!

Adventures in Kator!

Day 4: After sending the goblin on his way back towards the town of Castina, the gang set off towards the mountain village of Kator. On their way, they ran into a flying carpet wielding man named Jeffery. After some humorous jokes ensued, it turned out that Jeffery was in fact another member of the family.

Jeffery flew the gang into Kator to help them with their adventure. Once in town, the gang hid within a nearby bakery. Inside, they ran into a woman who worked for the Eyes of Madness. She informed them that they town was surrounded by a force-field that no living creature could exit through, and the only way out was to obtain keys from winning in the arena.

So, armed with this knowledge the gang signed up to partake in the arena and slept, while Glemlin and Justice set out into town to gather knowledge of the eyes. They entered a nearby tavern, and chatted with the bartender there. He informed them that the eyes kept to the high district of town, and that mostly everybody is trying out the arena to escape town. The two gathered some mead and wandered back to the bakery.

The next day, the gang fought within the arena. They fought a mighty hydra, which Justice strangled miraculously with his grappling hook. After this, they fought a Harpy, then followed by 4 weak peasants. Rayne slaughtered most of them, afterwards the Eyes congratulated him and asked the gang to join the eyes. Unaccepting of their offer, the gang was put to sleep with a magic laser. Glemlin and Justice almost fought back the sleep, but eventually fell victim too.

During their sleep, the gang witnessed a horrible vision of a boy being torn from his mother’s stomach. This boy appeared to be David from their previous encounter. Ironically, the gang woke up in a tunnel with David, who claimed to have saved them from their dream torturing. He led them to the end of the tunnel, and their escape. Glemlin whistled Brother Carl to their location, and informed him of their adventures. Carl then magically transported them back to Castina, where they trained to level 4 and gained their new initiate bard.

The Journey to Kator

Day 3: Finally new initiates of The Family, Auhgra , Glemlin , Jørgen Valdenstrom , Justice , Leowyn , Mark D. Dungeons , and Vaelin Marthson “Raine” set out on their first assignment. Brother Carl, father of The Family, informed them that nobodies heard anything from Kator in over a month. So, the gang gathered their equipment set off to Kator for answers.
With their first day of travel done they set up camp and took watch. On Mark’s watch, a squad of 14 goblins attacked them. Though some adventure got wounded they defeated all of them but one. As they tried to interrogate him, he bit off his own tongue rather then spill the beans. As the were about to kill him, Jørgen (being a Paladin) took the goblin away from the group, and saved the goblin once again. As they stood and argued about what to do, the Goblin walked over to a patch of sand and drew The Eyes Of Madness Symbol, leaving the gang scared and the day at an end.

Giant Eagle
"Fuck off!"

One of my favorite moments of the night. This and the shit chest.


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